NEW: StormSage Central - "Causes"

StormSage Central Officer Muffyjo and StormSage have put together a section where the Officers of SSC are able to post information, work, recommendations etc, that are in some way special and meaningful to the SSC Site Officers. 
Muffyjo and StormSage have created a section titled "Causes". As you are aware there are so many wonderful and worthwhile causes that you may be able to in some way, contribute to. However, the sheer volume of causes that you can find online can leave you feeling a tad overwhelmed.

"Causes" is a a site where the SSC Officers will post information about Causes that they feel passionately about and would like to highlight to the people who visit StormSage Central.

For those of you who are able to contribute, donate or help in anyway; we ask that you please visit this the SSC "Causes" site and consider giving to one of the many worthwhile Causes that are listed.

If you would like to recommend a Cause, Organisation etc please email us the details and one of our site Officers will make contact with the Cause prior to posting details on our site.

At all times the Officers of SSC who post Causes to this site have made all attempts to ensure that posts are of legitimate Causes, Charities.

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