Resolution: End Writer's Block by Ginny Wiehardt

Article By Ginny Wiehardt, Guide to Fiction Writing

Fear, anxiety, a life change, the end of a project, the beginning of a project . . . almost anything, it seems, can cause writer's block. And just as there are multiple causes for it, there are myriad solutions. Sometimes its just a matter of trying different things until something works.

This fall, we asked readers to share stories about how they've coped with writer's block, and I wanted to turn to that exercise again, in honor of our third most popular response to the New Year's Resolution Poll. One writer responded to writer's block by forcing herself to write a set number of pages at one sitting and then rewarding herself with a break or a small reward, like fresh flowers. Another writer said, 'I go back to The Artist's Way and re-institute my artist dates.' Still another said that she will reread works of her own that she feels really confident about. 'That reminds me of my writing voice and brings me back into my own flow,' she explains.

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