Slam-think about it. By Charles Dennis

I got up this morning put on a robe and slippers the robe
because I sleep in my underwear went to the kitchen made the
morning coffee had to have my coffee before the real world
smacked me in the face I walked out the door and the woman
across the street was out walking her dogs short yappy little
things the rest of the neighborhood was awake and crawling out
of their rectangular little holes in their odd shaped houses and I
realized it was a very nice morning sun coming up over the
trees as people elsewhere those people out to see what they
could get for free before it was gone until another day I drive
into the city the coffee shop a buzz with people from from all
walks of life really not giving a damn what the other is saying
but talking just to make some noise as other people start to
crowd the street with their suits and ties and high heeled shoes
while more in jeans and shorts walked and hurried by to go
where I don’t know to all of what some think are their

Read the entire poem HERE

(C) Charles Dennis

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