Something Borrowed by stormsage

Something old - Something new;
Something borrowed - Something blue...

Something that
most little girls
dream of as
they grow

To be loved
by prince charming
glass slipper or
skin, as fair as snow

But somewhere
along the line
such fanciful dreams
they subside

Suddenly a
light bulb moment
a realisation
it was all a lie

There is no
knight in
shining armor
that will rescue you

Nor is there
a handsome prince
that will; to your
heart be true

For you are
the only one
that can make
yourself whole

Write your
own fairytale
one that has yet
to be told

(C) Leanne Elliott

NB: for those of you who enjoy reading my poetry or would like to view more of my work please visit my (new) personal Blog, "StormSage's (Not So Private) Diary".

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