Towards an Integral age and a Planetary Consciousness by shamansun

I’ve come across a few interesting “diagrams,” or visual representations that relate to our experience of reality. The first one is my favorite:

1. The Enneagrammatic circuit:
In particular, I appreciate how each symbol is represents a sensory experience in our awareness: touch, sight, thought, smell, etc. Also abundantly apparent is the idea that, “all roads lead to the source,” and in a completely non-linear way, all roads are already the source. Therefore, this “circuit” model is a representation of liberation beyond and within time. A three dimensional representation of what “4 dimensional” realization could be like. In a sense, if we allow it to be this model is also a “window” or “door” to infinity. It shows our journey in the linear experience of this three dimensional reality, and also displays “windows and doorways” through to infinity, in which all times are happening “now.”
The “X” or “cross” symbol intersects at infinity, much as Gebser mentions that, “the paradox is the doorway to infinity.” If you have been looking for a good visual representation of “integral"

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