What To Do With Shelly? (Part 1) by StormSage

I approach the door quietly, being sure to make as little sound as possible. Tap, tap, tap; lightly on the door, I open it wondering what I will find inside today.

Laying still, back turned, blankets pulled up I can make out the outline of a small figure snuggled up under the blankets. "Shelly, are you awake darl" I hear myself saying in a hushed voice. Slowly but surely there is movement and from under the blanket and small grey haired head emerges.

Although I see that face a few days a week, it still shocks me; the gaunt, bony face. A face that is attached to an equally gaunt, bony and stressed body. My inner voice whispers 'thank goodness shes still alive'. "Hi Shelly, how are you feeling today; having a sleep in?" I say as my voice returns to a normalish pitch.

"I'm not feeling very good today, a bit down, a bit distressed; you know?". I look at her face closely to try and gage how best to respond. "That's no good, you must have needed the rest then. Is there anything in particular that's got you feeling like this today". I pause and wait for the mountain of words that are about to hit me like a flood of hot air bursting through the doorway of a cool-room on a boiling hot summers day.

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(C) StormSage

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