Zinc Coated Folks by IanGoole

Times of deep indulgence,
Rain stained outer casings,
Aluminium souls.

The fate of interested rates
Deflated to the basement;
Wine cellars displaced.

Conscientious prices rising,
Neutral colours used
On rainbows.

The internal revenue revue,
Reported and revoked;
Tax systems in exile.

Eternal flames in panic,
Dehydrated water flowing
Down more throats.

The latest census studied,
Conclusions to the fore;
More people than then.

Equations drawn up all night,
Multiplied and long divided;
Assets sawn off.

Four parent families promoted;
The point in two children moved
From pillar to post room.

Infrastructure incompetent,
Rolling stock depleted;
People using feet.

Building size increasing,
Mirroring the waistband;
Inside legs left stranded.

Clear night advertisements,
Tinted briar glasses
Selling by the million.

Pitched blackness at odds
With day light all day long,
And sleep privatised.

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(C) IanGoole - Over The Influence Blog

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