Book Review: The anger and poetry of Gil Scott-Heron via

The first I was really aware of Gil Scott-Heron - and I mean really aware - was hearing Paul Ubana Jones perform an a cappella take on Home Is Where the Hatred Is. (Here's the Gil Scott-Heron original.)

I had heard of Gil Scott-Heron; I knew this famous piece. But hearing Jones speak and sing the words...well, that really made me take notice.

The compilation album Evolution and Flashback: The Very Best of Gil Scott-Heron was one of the most important/influential/amazing albums to come into my collection. I picked it up at Fisheye Discs - the place you could always go to find something like that (pity not enough people had the same idea; maybe they would still be there).

Read the entire review HERE   [Highly Recommended]

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