Book Review: Naomi Clark’s Afterlife by Larkn Neville

Article by Larkn Neville

For some of us, vampires warm the blood, ghosts deliciously haunt our waking moments, and the spirit realm glows with such intensity it overwhelms the mundane.

A few select authors can bring such experiences to life for those who focus on the everyday humdrum facets of existence. Naomi Clark is one of them.

Afterlife is an intriguing first novel from the 26-year old Brit. It provides a tasty treat for those who love monsters and the paranormal.

Clark’s heroine, Yasmin Stoker, is a bit like an otherworldly Stephanie Plum or Kinsey Millhone. Yasmin is a 600-year old wraith with the ability to turn into mist and feed upon souls. She is sexy and sassy as she fights, kills, and doles out one-liners. She frequently gets herself in over her head, yet manages to stay alive with a bit of luck.

Despite her inhuman nature Yasmin has very human longings for physical affection, friendship, and love (such as she can experience). Her attraction to the human, Alex, and the vampire, Durante, is executed with sensuality, humor, and realistic emotion.

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