Dear Diary: Freedom (Conditions Apply) by StormSage

Dear Diary,

For sometime now I have been questioning what it means to be truly free. Freedom; in this day and age the word itself is used so loosely and in many varied contexts. Freedom of choice, freedom of confinement, freedom to be oneself; the list is immense.

When I was a young naive, act before you think type teen, the Australian Government changed to law to make the wearing of seat belts whilst in a motorcar compulsory. I remember thinking to myself, 'but if I live in a free country, shouldn't I have the freedom to choose whether or not I want to wear a seat belt'. Ultimately my concerns gave way to the understanding behind the law; it was to save lives.

I have studied many cultures around the world (retaining little bits and pieces of information), including countries that have legal systems that can at times seem unjust or barbaric to others. For example, the Chinese Governments 1 baby law. Why is the entire globe not up in arms about this blatant encroachment on a persons (couples) right to choose how many children they have; because the world knows that this law was put in place to stem over population and economic crisis.

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(C) Leanne Elliott

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