February Featured Art: Ship of Destiny by SecretPlanet

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One thing we love about following different artists over time is that you can often see their skills expand and mature; which is why we have decided to make the above artwork this months feature.

The mystic theme and smooth, natural looking surroundings enable viewers to almost jump into the scene.  Using the imagination you can almost hear the trickles of water dripping back into the glassy water with each stroke and tiny birds chirpign from the bushes lining the rivers banks.

Choosing mostly soft colours for this image also allows the foreground to stand out giving the work a lovely 3D effect; almost voyeristic as you get a sense that you are standing amidst bushes watching the scene happen.

Artist SecretPlanet was previously featured in November 09 for her art based on the mythical character "Pan".

Artists Comments:
"this is a scene inspired by Robin Hobb’s book, Ship of Destiny. i found an excerpt here: [link]

Malta, the merchant’s daughter finds herself lost on a treacherous uncharted river in a rainforest with the satrap of jamaillia & his companion, Kikki. she discovers that the satrap is really just a spoilt rich boy with no practical skills at all, & Kikki seems to have lost her mind, if she ever had one! so it’s all up to Malta to save them..

this is a digital painting on photoshop, which took AGES!!

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Image (C) SecretPlanet

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