The Future of Poetry by Brad Leithauser

The prospects for American poetry may look highly uncertain. But one thing can be said with assurance about its future: whatever happens, poets will be sitting around lamenting the present state of American poetry.

I may well be one of them. In the decades since I began to publish (my first book appeared in '82), one unsettling development seems to have followed another. Chief among these is the disappearance of many poetry publishers--but there's also the disappearance of various magazines, and newspapers, and a slow strangling of reviewing space, etc. Discussions about the direction of poetry (whether it's a couple of poets in a bar comparing professional indignities or a formal symposium entitled Whither Verse?) soon turn wearisome, alas. Like most sane people, I'd much rather hear about the future of pretty much anything--Major League baseball, fast food, even the Democratic Party--than about the future of poetry; the tone is apt to stay less contentious and defensive if you avoid poetry.

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(C) Brad Leithauser

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