Knowledge & the Unknown by shamansun

We build our own kingdoms, brick by brick. We lay the foundations of our subjective experience, interpreting all, assimilating all. Safe, comfortable, known.

But part of the journey is also not becoming lost in the canvas of our own creation. Unconscious dreaming and conscious dreaming ring a bell here—how can we gain more lucidity in our lives?

The idea that we can reach some objective view point is probably more of an ideal than a reality. And yet, there is some form of temperament in ourselves, some way to “check,” to see if we are getting lost in ourselves. One way, is of course communication with others. They can give us input about what they see us doing, things we may not have realized until they are directly pointed out.

Another form of mindfulness, is reminding ourselves that we are not our thoughts. They are a part of who we are, but our emotions, our thoughts, our feelings, senses, all of that is more of a free-floating stream of things we often attach “I” to.

It’s healthy and natural, but equally important is the idea that we shouldn’t lose ourselves in our images, whatever arises in our awareness. They can give us meaning and help us learn more about ourselves, but ultimately we are not the transient objects of awareness. Creating a “space,” within ourselves, or rather discovering that space is very important. Like finding the blank canvas beneath the many dazzling colors and shapes. It anchors us and allows creativity, meaning, exploration to flow freely in our lives. It allows life to be more like an artistic journey of self discovery.

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(C) shaman sun

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