My First Art Show by Alison Travels

You know how I've been talking about fear of the unknown, taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone? Well, I am certainly putting that to the test soon. I have the opportunity to showcase my photographs at The Wine Crush in Long Beach, California. I am going to put up a collection of images that I've taken of Long Beach for a show on Saturday, February 20th.

Easy enough, right?

Since I've been traveling, I love sharing my experiences with you here showing photos I've taken and telling you stories about where I've been. Of course, that is in the comfort of a campsite, hotel room or a cafe' somewhere. I like to wander and take pictures of what I find interesting. They might not be interesting to anyone else but me and that's ok. I like taking pictures of bird feet, patterns in the sand, art on water tanks, fences, the same house over and over, etc. It didn't matter if anyone liked it because I did and I was on the other side of the computer so I couldn't hear people say, "that's stupid."

Read the entire post and view more images HERE(C) Alison Travels
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