Review: Art by Ron Mueck via StormSage

I just happened to catch parts of the ABC's Art Nation, which displayed a number of sculptures by Artist Ron Mueck on exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria (Australia - 22 Feb to 18 Apr 2010).  The images that I saw actually made me stop what I was doing and sit down to watch this segment. Before seeing this I was completely unfamiliar with Ron Mueck and his work; however I have been compelled to find out more about this artist. 

While every single sculpture on show is just phenomenal and takes the meaning of 'original' to another level all together; it was the sculpture titled "Dead Dad" [left] that particularly caught my eye and stirred emotions.  "Dead Dad" is such a realistically personal piece (captured amazingly using silicone, and being scaled to about two thirds of its natural size).

I have since gotten to know a bit more about this Artist; more often than not he is described as an Australian born, London based hyper-realist sculptor.  Mueck, from all accounts seemed destined to become the master of sculpting; having grown up around and worked in jobs such as 'model maker' and 'prop creator' for the television industry.  Mueck also having been involved in many of my favourite childhood productions, including Fraggle Rock, Labyrinth, the Muppet Workshop not to mention the somewhat controversial New York & London 'Sensation' shows.

image from hubpages.comEven more remarkable is the fact that Mueck had no formal 'art' training prior to becoming a fine arts sculptor; when viewing the thought provoking works created by Mueck, the extraordinary realism of each piece shows you that his talent comes from within.  I can only imagine the pain staking hours and level of passion that it must take to create such awe inspiring art.

I hope those who take the time to view the various works by Mueck come away with a feeling of inspiration and amazement, as I did.

Below is a little clip I discovered on You-Tube that shows some of Mueck's works.  Enjoy!!

(C) Leanne Elliott

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