saying things by onativia

One night before going to bed, I thought,
"What would be the last things I would say, should I never see you again."

And they would likely be, "I could had been a better person,
I could had shared the other half of that sandwich and
I never thought those were real."

You'd probably think me odd for saying these things, but I would not mind.
Being that it is the last time I would see you, it would behoove you to say some things too.

I bet you would say, "You stupid ass! Why didn't you share that sandwich?
Why didn't you rock my world? I got THESE for you!"

You'd give me that angry look, the same one you gave me when I dropped the wine on the persian rug and smack me about the head until the cartoon canaries chirped around.

(C) R E Onativia

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