Best Friends With Four Legs by Alison Travels

As you may have noticed, I love my dog Max. I love taking pictures of him and one never seems to be enough. In fact, I love taking pictures of all dogs. They all have such different personalities and it shows in photographs. Before Max, I loved all of the dogs, cats, turtles and fish in my life. I will always remember Taz, Barkley, Sunshine, Colors, Pokey, Speedy, Squeekie, Ruffles, Sushi and Maggie.

Max seems to come alive when he's at the beach or at a dog park with other dogs. I love watching him play with the other dogs and I am so glad that he loves it too. It's something I couldn't do with the 10 years I had Maggie. She loved people but didn't really enjoy the company of other dogs.

I went to the park here in Long Beach the other day to let Max run around. It was a beautiful sunny day so I decided to take pictures of the other dogs there at play. Usually, the owners don't mind me snapping away and I found one Jack Russell to be extra cute playing with a deflated football. This pup was there playing while the owners were working. What a lucky dog! I met the pet sitter and once I introduced myself and Max, she put the names together and knew us from our travels. What a small world!

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