Haiku Throwdowns Via Twitter [3] by StormSage

Topic #tradition
hear the beating - of long forgotten drums - and ancient traditions

tradition lost - amidst the rubble of - mystical ruins as

tradition dictated - she married - not for love

Topic #breeze
your soul is now - one with the soft breeze - soothingly gentle

like a breeze - I do not dwell anywhere - for long

Topic #blossom
not all flowers - grow and blossom, some wilt - quietly fading away

each day - my blossom grows, becoming - a little angel

you once helped - me to blossom, alas now - it is winter

sturdy flowers - blossom golden, awaiting - life giving rains (March 16 - Best of DFA)

Topic #lake
misty lake waters - envelope the haunting call - of the swan (March 18 - Best of DFA)

in handcrafted canoes - their people explored - the mighty lake

VIA #haikuthrowdown on Twitter; HaikuThrowDown Topics brought to you by PoeticMindset
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