How do we change as Artists? via Create2Inspire Blog

Why the fear of creating. Why do we limit ourselves to one genre or one style? Why are we afraid to branch out? Is it a comfort zone? Is it somewhere we want to be safe? Maybe that is it. I sit and feel fear sometimes to branch out and experiment to unseen boundaries. I would love to expand my thoughts and be free of that fear. We constantly look for a comfort zone in this society. For the most part the majority of people do this. We look for safety. But if we dare to explore our limits and break through them then there we will find simple pleasures. The simplicity of achievement. The subtle feeling of accomplishment. The giving of ourselves to make ourselves better. Improvement. Enlightenment. Something as simple as changing the course of a ship by a foot can mean another continent to explore farther down. The small subtle changes we make in our lives mean large implications over time.

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