March Features: MyFreeCopyright

Recently we added a new feature to StormSage Central to ensure that any information posted to the StormSage Central Blog or Site are copyrighted to the author or creator of the information or images that we post and stored in our system.
How did we do this I hear you ask?  By using MyFreeCopyright.  Recently a number of copyright breaches have come to our attention, sadly this has included a few members of SSC.  As one of our main philosophies is "Your Work Is YOUR Work" we felt that something needed to be done to ensure that we highlight the importance of having your work copyrighted. 
Of course MyFreeCopyright is one of many options that you can take to copyright your work; we chose this site mainly because of how simple it was and of course because it is free.
Want to know more, then you should find all you need to know here.

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