Twitter #HaikuThrowDown(s) by StormSage

Topic #luminous
oval moon - luminous night - howling wolf

Topic #collision
survive a collision - to only remain - in the darkness

a collision - of minds, spawns - endless possibilities

with the collision - of atoms - springs life

Topic #wax
feel the oceans - power, as your feet grip - the surfboard wax

bees wax candles - burn away slowly - flickering fragrantly

Topic #seduction
with time - even seduction - grows old

beautiful Marilyn - perfected the art - of seduction

Topic #incognito
moving quietly - through a village of mist - strangers incognito

daily routines - performed incognito - forgetting who I am?

via telephone wire - I communicate with the - the world, incognito

witches and warlocks - incognito, they walk - among us

VIA #haikuthrowdown on Twitter; HaikuThrowDown Topics brought to you by PoeticMindset

(C) Leanne Elliott.

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