11 FREE Things To Do That Will Make You Feel Good by Alison Travels

My favorite word. FREE! It's not that I don't like the word PAY, but FREE gives you a warm feeling inside.

Like this FREE glass of ice water from Wall Drug! What a treat!

Even though there is little risk, you will receive great rewards by doing things that are FREE. I like to seek out free activities, especially when traveling since just stepping into your car is like setting the pay meter down in a taxi. It's going to cost you. You don't have to travel to get the same rewards and benefits that you will get on the road by doing free things in your local area.

Yesterday, I started chipping away at my garage to complete my goal of selling or donating everything inside of it. I sorted through most of my clothes in bins and got rid of 90% of them. I packed them up and donated them yesterday. What a great feeling that was! I am going to do this little by little this month in order to achieve my goal of living with a lot less. It feels so much better.

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