Affirmation For "Breaking the Chain of Abuse" by Muffyjo

You have Assaulted the Body
But, You Could Not Steal My Soul.
Now is the Time
For My Spirit to Be Whole.
You Do Not Have My Permission,
I am Absolving All My Fear,
While My Spirit Grows Stronger
Your End is Growing Near.

Fact: I have been told by a close friend who is being seen for post traumatic stress syndrome from a past history of horrendous abuse, that her psychiatrist told her that repetitive abuser's life spans are really quite short compared to the general population. He is quite knowledgeable about these things, and I believe what she told her. That is, many die in their late 50's or 60's or even earlier from their harsh and dangerous lifestyle, and others may meet an untimely death as a result of retaliation from their own predatory actions.

(C) Cheryl E Gordon
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