#Haikuthrowdown via PoeticMindset

A throwdown, haiku style, in Twitter.

If you are on Twitter you know of hashtags, but for those who aren't, a hashtag is basically a quick way to search for a word using the # in front of the word you'll want to easily find in searches. Hence, #haikuthrowdown was born on March 2, 2010.

The word, luminous, and the first #haikuthrowdown tweet and haiku:

Who is up for #haikuthrowdown ? The word (luminous) he prostrates himself / body and spirit to G-d / luminous eyes close #haiku #poetry
Tue Mar 02 01:11:50 +0000 2010

Each day at midnight EST, I "throwdown" a new word, which must be used within the haiku, and of course remembering to add in the #haikuthrowdown hashtag as well.

What's at stake? Bragging rights that you had the best #haikuthrowdown of the day!

So check out twitter.com/poeticmindset or search for #haikuthrowdown and find out the day's word!

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