... the reason to stop by Laura Anne Swift

Traffic Lights.

There's me, sitting in the passenger seat as the driver takes a turn towards a red light.

The turn to the left is the two way street and forwards is a single one way lane.

Now i have no choice in the matter, i'm already in the car with no control over the driver. I go where they take me.

It's the two way street vs the one way street.

It's the couples vs the creeps.

Self confessed cynic; never loving, always driving. Always making sure to keep the red light in sight.

Never amber, never green, just red.

The glow reflecting endlessly as the twinkle in my eye, glazing over.

Letting all of your images seep inside and unscramble but we don't let you inside.

You enter through the eyes but it stops there before you can become the poison in our bloodstream heading straight towards the heart.

Keep cold and your heart will beat slower so you don't hit us as hard.

We are the old romantics who know to sit still.

We were the passengers who gave too much control than deserved.
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Copyright © Laura Anne Swift

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