Return Our Troops Safely Home by Muffyjo

Men and Women Are Fervently Fighting
For What Seems Like Eternity
In Bloody Battlefields with Flashes Igniting.
Please Send Our Troops Safely Home.

Fighting For Justice In a Land Unfree
In a Battle of Bloodshed and Flying Debris.
A Driving Force Intent to Break Tyranny.
Bring Our Troops Safely Home.

Risking Their Lives So We Can Be Free,
From A Killing War That Should Never Be.
God In Heaven, Can the People Not See?
We Pray for Our Troops to Come Safely Home.

We Need Our Fathers, Sisters and Brothers
Here Where They Desire to Be
In the Loving Arms of Friends and Family.
Please Return Our Troops Safely Home.

Copyright © Cheryl E Gordon

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