The Doubt Fallacy by Douglas E Turner

So what is doubt? Particularly as it pertains to the self, is no more than a misinterpretation of a communication from and to a higher purpose.

Doubt, in critique you might see it as Delaying. Still, this eludes to a sense of guilt. It may derive how your doubt reveals itself in your life, however, it ends in a negative connotation. If we are the Creative Life Process; The Unmanifest and The Manifest, and Life is inherently positive, then creation equals positivity, and therefore if we are It, and our energy is positive, then our truest conclusions would also be inherently positive.

If our self resolutions end in guilt they would have a negative result where nothing is truly resolved. If we are truly resolved we are Free from our past, free to create with our full self–because matter is inseparable; we are non-dual. We are the Life Process as is the Tree also the Life Process, as is the Mountain the Life Process; none are parts, none separable.

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Copyright © Douglas E Turner

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