Get Involved in the Underground Challenge (via @SuperPennie)

So, this event is becoming so much bigger now.. not just exclusive to the London underground, but worldwide!

JULY 5TH IS OUR 'INSPIRE A STRANGER DAY' please get involved however you can.

Place cupcakes on your grumpy colleagues desk, invite friends round that you haven't seen in years.  Do something special!

Does anyone else find the silence on public transport a bit bizarre? All those people sat avoiding eye contact for hours as they slowly plod from a to b...

Well, on July 5th we've decided to arrange a 'inspire a stranger' day. we decided on a group rather than an event so we can continue expanding for next year!

Talk to somebody, grab your favourite instrument and play someone your favourite song,tell them your favourite poem, or think up a random act of kindness.. think outside the box!

Invite everyone you know!

Maybe you'll spark up a conversation with the love of your life on the tube, who you would otherwise have let slip away. Maybe you'll just meet another crazy - but heck, the crazies on the tube are pretty entertaining!

If you don't live in London, you can still get involved! talk to someone on the train,in a cafe, at the park...!

Suggestions and ideas are welcome! This is an open activity =D But invite EVERYONE!

It's kinda short notice, so lets spread the word!

Feel free to post stories of random journeys you've found yourselves on as well as pictures hitting up London!

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