The Bitch's Bible by Creative Author Tania Chilby

Title: The Bitch's Bible - A book for all you twisted sisters (eBook)

Author: Tania Chilby

Available at:

The Bitch's Bible is a humorous guide to better understanding the bitch within us all.  Australian Author Tania Chilby has done a wonderful job at providing some light hearted, yet somewhat spiritual point of view on what it means to embrace the bitch within.

Full of examples, pointers, stories, even recipes and cocktails.  This Author definitely has a unique sense of humor and a confidence which has obviously allowed her to publish a book talking about many things we usually keep to ourselves.

Some of my favourite chapters included Bitchy Quotes, Mother of all Bitches and Skinny Bitch; I often found myself laughing aloud when reading and reflecting upon the many different scenarios in life where I have encountered a Bitch or I myself have become one.

So check out The Bitch's Bible, available now from the Author's site.

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