The Egotist by Muffyjo

Moody Thoughts of the Narcissistic Mind.
Ego Driven, You're One of a Kind.
Plastic Purpose and Shallow Faith,
Seeing without Seeing,
Focused on "Saving Your Face".

Stealing the Story of Others' Dreams
Grabbing the Glory by Self Propelled Means.
As The "One and Only" You Must Cheer Yourself On,
The Whole World Surrounds You,
And each one You Must Con.

But Few Follow Blindly, the Paths Chosen for Them.
You've a Handful of Disciples, but no "Subjects" to Win.
Perhaps these Slight Few, Might be Pretending to Care.
But They're Wanting to Move Forward,
Thinking You'll Carry Them There.

Copyright © Cheryl E Gordon Registered & Protected

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