... the first day of proof on a slow road by Laura Swift

The Aftermath of a Rainbow.
His memories are formed with colours and blurs whereas hers are like tapes. Whilst he only remembers the bad, she solely remembers the good.

And even if it takes forever, she will rewrite the tapes in the beautiful calligraphy of cliché so that he can watch every piece of sunshine that they had until he feels the warmth. And her? Well she will let in the rain for a while so she can see where he stands.
Until a rainbow arches across above them.

We will inspire when we're happy.
Because when we're happy there will be music and art surrounding us.
But the happiness is indefinite until your colours blur to lines and the lines begin to cross and overlap until they become sketches of stickmen. Then the little boy and the little girl with the triangle skirt will expand but remain faceless until i can bring my red to your paper and give them smiles.

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