Repeat Offender by B. Nickell and W. Jamison


Title: Repeat Offender

Type: True Story, Crime

Author(s): Bradley Nickell & Warren Jamison

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About the Authors
Bradley Nickell
Bradley is currently an 18 year veteran police detective in Las Vegas. Bradley has served as a Patrol Officer, Bicycle Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer and as a Detective. Bradley is currently assigned to the Repeat Offender Program, a unit whose primary focus is catching the worst criminals in Vegas who have been in and out of prison multiple times. Once they are caught, these criminals are referred for special prosecution under Nevada's habitual criminal laws. Much like the "three strikes" laws in other states. 

In 2009, Bradley spent great time and effort in working with the Nevada Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice and the Nevada Assembly who were considering weakening Nevada's habitual criminal laws. After significant opposition was presented including statistical data that demonstrated the need and value of tough sentences for Career Criminals, the proposals to take the teeth out of Nevada's tough habitual criminal laws were eliminated. For his tireless efforts, Bradley was awarded the prestigious Exemplary Service Award by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. 

Warren Jamison 
Warren is a collaborative writer (aka ghostwriter) with three decades of experience working with many diverse clients in the United States and a few in other countries.  He has written, coauthored or edited 50 books. Half of them carry his credit line and are listed on  In all Warren has published about 3 million words on a variety of topics. Sales of his credited books exceed 2 million copies.

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