Update: StormSage Central Publishing House

Welcome to the StormSage Central Publishing House.  SSCPH caters for all genres including poetry, fiction, non fiction, romance, short stories, anthologies and more.  We offer a number of services and packages for all budgets including editing, formatting, publishing, promotions, establishing your social network, advice and graphic design.

As our site is a community run creative collective, the SSCPH's main goal is to support writers throughout the journey of self publishing.  StormSage Central itself has a large, growing network of creative talents from around the globe, from all different walks of life; we have writers, artists, designers, editors, business and even other publishers who we are constantly networking with to ensure we are up to date with current online trends and information.

We are able to publish your eBook in a number of different digital formats and our distributor Smashwords will also distribute your book to in their premium catalogue to sites such as Barnes & Noble, Sony, Amazon, Kobo and Apple; helping to get your work noticed by the mainstream eBook companies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: SSCPH is bound by the Smashwords Terms of Service; we highly recommend you read this document as it details all information i.e. Grant and Territory, Copyright, Publication, Infringement, Royalties and more.

Common Questions?
Why Publish with StormSage Central Publishing House?
The SSC Publishing House is hosted via the site Smashwords.com; by combining the creative networks and resources available at SSC including artists (to assist with cover design), editors etc and the awesome services, terms/conditions and brilliantly developed site Smashwords, you are covering all of your basis.

You can manage your own ghost account (on Smashwords) or if you like SSC can maintain it for you; this includes uploading your book(s), cover, Author bio information etc.  All books published via SSC Publishing House also get the benefit of free promotion on all of the SSC Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Helium, Status Net and more.

What Types of eBooks do SSC Publish?
Just like the SSC site we like to encourage all forms of creativity, be it fiction, poetry, anthologies, spiritual guides and more.

What does it cost to Publish with SSCPH?
15% of royalties are paid directly to Smashwords.com; 11% of royalties are paid to SSCPH.  Which means you will receive 74% of sales.  (Note:  Some distributors such as Apple may charge extra royalties on sales made from their site.  For more information click here).  NB: Smashwords conducts sales using US currency.

When will I get paid?
Once payment is recieved from Smashwords,  SSCPH will make payments directly to your PayPal or nominated bank account (quarterly).  You will only recieve a payout if your balance is + $10.00 (US).

What is SSC?
Technically, StormSage Central is a free community run online creative network. Basically, SSC is free fantabulous site where you can network with other like minded creative people, have your work promoted, get great free advice and more.

Currently SSC is run by an Administrator (StormSage), aided by a small number of Site Officers (Volunteers) who assist with various aspects of running the site. SSC is a relatively new site but we have grown in leaps and bounds since being established in early 2009. The number of members, readers and followers just keeps on growing; the good thing is this means more people will have access to your work.

Who exactly will I be dealing with if I Publish with SSC?
All Publishing related business will be conducted only by the SSC site administrator (Leanne Elliott, aka StormSage). StormSage has access to a wealth of creative information, resources, networks, businesses and people; having assisted a small number of Authors to realize their dreams and publish their own work online.
Find out more about Smashwords here: