Good Night Sleep Tight by StormSage

I am here to help you cook your dinner,
even though you eat like a bird.
Just like a cake mix,
so many memories stirred.

Come on, its now time for a shower,
something you can not do for yourself.
I am your family, I am here for you -
In good and bad health.

Put your winter nightie on, it will keep you warm
and before I get you nice and snug,
take your slippers off, so that I
can give your aching feet a rub.

I tuck you in, pulling the sheets up high,
so that just your hands and head now show;
I stroke your forehead softly
and whisper "I love you, you know".

I kiss you on the forehead, just like a little girl -
again I say "I love you", as I hold your hand tight;
I let go and turn around to walk away, whispering,
"I love you Gran, sleep tight".

Copyright © StormSage Registered & Protected

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