Humming Bird Repose by Julie Magers Soulen

Title: Humming Bird Repose

Photographer: Julie Magers Soulen

About this Image: The other day I was watering plants on our deck and spotted this little hummer girl sitting peacefully and enjoying the day. I was so taken aback by her unusual behavior. Most of our broad-tailed hummingbirds are blatantly feisty, constantly diving and chattering over front row seats at the three feeders that I refill a couple times a day. (We go through over ten pounds of sugar a week!)

I went inside to get my camera, thinking she would surely be gone when I returned. But she was still there, tilting her head and blinking at me. She sat there for several minutes completely unperturbed by my close proximity. Then a big gust of wind blew her right off her perch and she was gone, leaving me to ponder what I had just witnessed.

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