In Death I Shall Finally Breathe by StormSage

I am drowning, sinking to the very bottom
of the deepest, darkest
crevice beneath the
smooth surface of
the turquoise crystal ocean.
My arms flailing,
I struggle
with every ounce of my being;
towards the surface
where the rays of sunlight
can be felt upon my cold skin.
But, I am too weak,
so I stop.
Closing my eyes
I accept that this is now my fate.
I exhale one last time,
now devoid of air,
no more blue sky,
an absent sun.
The dark ocean
swallows me whole.

The beating of my heart
grows faint
as the pressure builds,
sinking further down
the beating finally stops.
My spirit now rises.

For no matter how far
in life I may sink,
even if my heart no longer beats,
my spirit will ultimately rise again...
breaking the surface of the mirrored ocean.

A gleaming white moon
lighting the way.
So that finally I may rest,
without fear, despair or wanting.
In death I shall finally breathe.

Copyright © StormSage Registered & Protected

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