Attuned to Alien Moonlight: The Poetry of Bruce Dawe (SSC Blogger's Top 7)

By Dennis Haskell

I first discovered Australian Poet Bruce Dawe around 10 years ago when I purchased a second hand copy of a book titled "Mortal Instruments" poems 1990-1995.

Since purchasing this book I have read it and re read it many times. I continue to follow this outstanding Australian Poets work; and have equally enjoyed the poetry found within "Attuned to Alien Moonlight".

Dawe is without argument one of the most inspirational and talenteted Australian Writers of our time.

Amazon Product Description - "Bruce Dawe is Australia's most popular and widely studied poet. This first full-scale critical study of his poetry to date reveals a richly complex and varied poet. Dennis Haskell argues that the widespread view of Dawe as a social satirist is limiting, and that Dawe is a more imaginative and lyrical poet than he has been given credit for, as the title "Attuned to Alien Moonlight" indicates.Daw'es apparent topicality and ease of access hides deeper, more mysterious, and more Romantic elements in his work.

Haskell analyses well-known and some quite unknown poems in order to build up a picture of Dawe's poetry as a whole, and his chapters approach Dawe from some surprising perspectives - for example in relation to Asia and as a love poet.Aimed at both students of Dawe's work and the general literary reader, the book places Dawe in the context of Australian poetry and cultural values, and in relation to the larger traditions of poetry in English. It includes a substantial bibliography and a comprehensive chronology." Registered & Protected

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