An Update from StormSage

Wow where to start. I feel that I have completely neglected the online part of my life for sometime now and I am really beginning to miss it. At first the little break and change in routine was pleasant, my time is now spent on something that (if I'm honest) I no longer really enjoy (mainly due to bureaucratic nonsense) and only have to do because money makes the world go round, especially when you have a family to look after.

Yes that's right, due to circumstances beyond my control I have been temporarily forced back to work full time. And while I do enjoy getting back into the swing of the workforce full time and gaining back a little self confidence with regards to being a good full time worker, mum and wife (with a large extended family) all at once, I am a creative soul that needs free time to ponder and think.

I also finally bit the bullet and enrolled in a Front Line Management Course, which has been a little hard to juggle with the full time work, but as I keep reminding myself "working hard for a little while can make the future much more enjoyable"; and being a bit of a self professed nerd, I do enjoy the study and paperwork - it allows the brain to become more fine tuned with the theoretical side of things.

On the down side of things, I have not written a word of poetry or even jotted down any creative thoughts. My artistic time has ceased completely as the only thing I really feel like doing late at night is falling asleep in front of the Foxtel, which is pretty hard since I have just discovered the American UFC; talk about warriors!!! I am a huge fan of the martial arts (note fan, not active participant) particularly muay thai, such discipline is enviable.

Other than all of the above I have just been doing the same old same old in those in between moments, like looking after the pets and visiting the relatives. I hope to be back online more after Christmas (all going well).

NB: I will still be posting any submissions to this site, so please keep them coming :)  It's easiest to contact me via email until after Christmas.
Have a happy :)

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