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I made this blog in support of the Creatures of the Seas and their Human Champions, Fighting for their Cause.

If you have a blog that is of focus on Healing of the Oceans and their Inhabitants, please let me know.

My Main Focus is on the order Cetaceans (ceta is greek and latin for whale) or Marine Mammals of which the family Delphindae (meaning Dolphins) belongs. Like all mammals, they must breathe air. They also give live birth, and nurse their newborns with milk. Whales, Dolphins and porpoises belong to this group. That means Whales are actually large dolphins. Whales are the largest and porpoises are the smallest of the Cetaceans. Dolphins are not fish as some may think, and they are considered second to human beings in their intelligence.

I also Support other Sea Life and their Champions as You can See, and I am Open to Suggestions for improvement or new information, so Please offer any constructive comments you may have in the comment sections.

The Dolphins of Taiji are Close to My Heart at this Time, so I wrote a Poem for them and to Challenge the World to Helping them Overcome Their Plight. The Japanese have been Persecuting them Relentlessly in the Cove of Taiji to Their Deaths and Capture.

By Linking to any Cause, You Create a Ripple in the Ocean. Let Our Voices Be Heard! Thank YOU

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