Just a Funny UFC Poem by StormSage

I haven't had a school girl crush
in I don't know how many years,
I guess you could say I hit a dry patch,
life slowly changing down gears.

Busy taking care of the kids,
trying to keep a tidy house,
getting by day to day,
loving a somewhat neglectful spouse.

I had lost all interest in being a woman,
the word 'sexy' had vanished from my vocabulary;
but then one day whilst browsing FOX,
I discovered the UFC.

Watching modern day Spartans,
skilled warriors - born and bred to fight;
torqued, sculpted, powerful physiques,
a pure visual delight.

Flash backs of how it once felt,
that exciting rush of femininity.
Thanks for the wake up call,
Dana, Chuck, St Pier and the UFC.

Copyright © Leanne Elliott

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