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I was Recently Asked by a friend in an Animal Cause we are both involved with, "How do you deal with being overwhelmed/feeling helpless and defeated at times with everything we are facing and trying to bring change to/for? Personal life stress hasn't made the feeling any easier as of late but I need to regain focus and on the process maintain balance with this and the responsibilities I have (namely work) in my life?"

I thought about this for awhile, and realized this is a question we all can relate to, and something I was capable of helping others with... As a nurse and in the past for a number of years, I taught Stress Reduction. I had a Stress Clinic and also did Biofeedback Training for Adolescents in a Mental Health Facility. I taught Relaxation Exercises and many clients and patients said this process helped them to cope and gave them a feeling of control over their stress. Once a person learns how to do these exercises themselves, they can implement them at the onset of stress or feeling down. Many people will be able to recognize signs of stress more readily and deal with them more effectively through implementing stress reduction techniques in continued practice. One gets a better result when it is nipped in the bud, but application anytime is helpful.

Autogenic Training is a Stress Reduction Technique, in which I taught people how to mentally find a safe and beautiful place, and to focus on it and allow the world go by for that period of time. It may be somewhere you have been before, or a fantasy place you wish to be at. To begin, you must first try to make yourself comfortable and undisturbed. Wait a few minutes before you begin by letting yourself relax in the most comfortable spot you can find in the best way you know how. There are different ways you can help this along. The one I chose, is by a method known as Progressive Relaxation.

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