We need YOU to judge the BBB SmackDown! by Bitten by Books

Get ready to open up a can of whoop-ass with the BBB SmackDown! This is a competition FOR readers BY readers created in the wee hours of the morning by The Committee of Much Awesomeness (now is a good time to genuflect at our feet, folks).
Do you think your book is the best? Think your book describes the genre perfectly? Look no further! We have just the competition for you. We’ve selected a handful of books from seven genres (Young Adult, Horror, Erotica, Humorous Paranormal Romance, Science-Fiction Romance, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance) we think embody the sexy, dirty, down-right awesomeness of genre literature from the past year.

Now it’s YOUR turn to step up and tell us why you love each book. We’re looking for volunteers to “champion” the book of your choice. You’ll defend your choice to the death and try to convince other readers why you’re right and your competition is bat shit crazy. Each defender will be entered to win a prize. Each reader who votes will be entered to win a prize. Random ass people who stop and say, “Hi!” will be entered to win a prize!

But wait! There’s more! There’s a chance to win The Ultimate Prize! Cast your predictions as to who will come out victorious and who will end up eating dust. It’s funny. It’s been done before. But damn, it’s never been done like this!

Click here to see who the heavy-hitters for the BBB SmackDown! are.

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