Artist Review: P.A.Thornton by StormSage

I was referred to this artists site by @EscapeIntoLife via twitter.  Watching the pure and genuine skill creating an artwork before my eyes to his own music had me wanting to know more about P.A.Thornton.  Upon delving into his site further I found it was full of "how to draw" tutorials (some great ones by 'Mark Crilley'), artwork that is beyond visually appealing and the site itself was a very well designed and a joy to browse.

I guess you could describe the style as contemporarily old fashioned; in many of the work the artist has fused night and day together, intricate and yet bold, with skulls adorned by soft (almost touchable) roses and a modern sante fe style vibe in many of the pattern designs.  There is one in particular drawing of a giant pink rose, the petals and texture captured here make you feel as though if you jumped into the picture you would have a silky, soft and wonderfully scented landing.  As for the use of ballpoint pens, any artist knows that mastering the shading skills needed to create realistic images using ballpoint pens is not the easiest of tasks; but P.A.Thornton takes the ballpoint pen to the edge of its design capabilities and then some.

For anyone who loves drawing I highly recommend you check out the tutorials on this site, they are easy to follow, descriptive and would suit both new artists and well established artists.

With so many artists now networking on the Internet it is only rarely that I have come across work that makes me actually stop and say "WOW", where I can feel the talent of the artist oozing from my computer screen, work that makes me say "god I wish I could do that".  So make sure you check this site out!

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