Five Poems by John Blandly

Low Level Prophet
I’m not even
a low level prophet
who can see into the future.
The best I can do
is look at a calendar.

Okay, how about the past?
I can see into
the past a little bit.
I can see it clearly
every time I watch TV.
It’s the present
I’m having problems with.
What’s happening now,
that’s what I can’t explain.

Baby Boomer’s Tab: Check, Please!
Obviously, now, due to
the costs of Baby Boomers
it seems the infrastructure
of the country is frozen in the 1950s
with no new superhighways or bridges built
in recent memory
and that’s what we have trouble with--
recent memory.
The Yuppies destroyed the economy
and the Hippies destroyed their
Now our kids have
their hands full
keeping track of
old freak’s medical bills
and bailing out Yuppies.

The City of the Future
Now envision cut rate
city of the Future Theme Park.
All I need is to rent a cheap
escalator and one of those
moving sidewalks they have at airports.
That would be fun enough.
Also, pretend robotic entertainers
like Mr. Romantic.
He says, “What a lovely smock
you are wearing.
You smell so fresh!”
Also, Ms. Lovely, emo goth version.
She says, “Want to see my tattoo?”
Maybe a cute mechanical dog
that points out the restrooms.
Obviously, I’m going to need
a ton of venture capital
to pull this off.

Jonathan Ames
studies random Wiki articles
to make
""Bored To Death""
and ""Barny's Version,""
but so do I.
If You're
""Better Off Ted,""
you know what I mean,
but that's only TV,
the writer's medium.

You want art?
We got street art.
We got Space Invader,
Shepard Fairey,
Blek le Rat
and you can
""Exit Through The Gift Shop.""
You know what I mean?
I am not Banksy
and don't want to be.
If Andre The Giant
tells you to ""Obey,""
don't complain to me.
Thierry Guetta,
Mr. Brainwash,
would understand
could understand
Vancouver, BC
and see it all over SyFy
while watching ""Ice Twisters.""

is it good enough?

Change the world,
or change somebody's oil.
Is that the only choice?

Feel jaded?

If the only thing
we had to do
was protect a rhyme
or defeat alliteration,
these words could do more!

Copyright © John Blandly Registered & Protected

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