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Hello all,

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who visits and supports the StormSage Central site.  Since start up we have had the opportunity to get to know and work with many of you; and we consider this a privilege and are very grateful to you.

After reviewing the site, taking a look at what is working well for the site and the aspects that are not really doing that well we have decided to make a few changes and refocus the site and its goals.

Refocus In Brief
We started of the site to initially become a free online community for creative people. StormSage Central then grew in a number of areas including extending into the publishing side of things. During this process StormSage Central never lost its main focus:
“to freely promote creative peoples work online; to assist our sites users in not only becoming a recognised name to lovers of creative arts & literature but to also assist them to network with like minded people while in the process generating traffic to their work/sites”.
This has again to become the sites primary focus. SSC is currently generating more hits per day to the site so this is the time to start submitting your work (see below stats from Domainsoutlook.com). We use various tools to let over 100 other online sites and their thousands of users know our site has been updated and to come check out your work. Of course as always we will provide full link backs to you and/or your site, and OF COURSE, you maintain all copyright to your work.

(We still have the free copyright service that will register your work in your name; SSC will store and maintain all copyright records on your behalf. Should the case ever arise where you find someone has breached your copyright please let us know and we will be happy to forward your works copyright registration documents to you).

It was not to long ago SSC Officer Muffyjo (Cheryl) and I started up a section of the site dedicated to promoting and highlighting various causes, including child welfare, animal protection, environmental protection etc. We have decided to again make this a focus of SSC, so you can look forward to a new and improved SSC Causes site.

Sadly, membership numbers have not grown for some time and many of the older members no longer promote their work through out site. However, I am hoping with the refocus of the site we will again be able to concentrate on increasing these numbers steadily. We will be remodelling the Members Site to include an avatar for each members’ link, so if you are an existing member email us a link to your preferred avatar and we will upload it to the members’ site.

We still encourage any members to promote their work through our site as we are currently receiving more hits per day than ever before (on both the site and the sites feed). The simplest way is to email us or use the link on the website and complete the submission form.

Members Challenges
We will no longer be having members’ challenges, although we are still committed to having some form of competitions to reward our sites visitors. Currently there are a few ideas in the pipeline, we will keep you updated.

To any person(s) who are able to assist with competition prizes please email us with any ideas, donations of prizes etc.

Review of Networking and Online Presence
We have taken action to cancel or RedBubble, Helium and Status Net accounts; this in no way reflects on the individual sites, it just means that our presence on these sites is not as strong as on others (below).  We of course are still more than happy to showcase work from any of our readers who host their work at these sites.

Our strongest referrals still come from both Twitter and Facebook; however I would also like to take this opportunity to highlight FriendFeed, Pingler and Smashwords as also having increased our sites traffic.

Publishing House
We are currently only taking on new projects from existing authors or any members who registered with StormSage Central prior to June 2011 require our services.

Any person(s) with an editing/publishing background who may be interested in assisting with this section of the site please email us your details and description of the type of services you are able to assist us with and we will contact you.

We welcome any feedback you may have with regards to the site and/or these changes.

Amendment: After feedback from site visitors and further site revision we have decided that at this time the 3 monthly challenge is not quite viable and that resources need to be focused on other areas of the site.
Beginning in August we will begin our new 3 monthly SSC Banner Design Challenge. This will be for SSC site visitors to submit a graphic to be used as the header for the SSC site. Submissions will be open as of July 2011 via the link on the site. Full accreditation will be given to the person with the winning submission. Submissions will be judged by SSC Officials.


Leanne (StormSage)

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