Dear Diary: I am going to be a mum again (by StormSage)

Well as you may (or may not) have noticed I haven’t been online for sometime; the reason, well I guess you could say another roller coaster section of my life has just passed.

The universe decided to give me a huge present! A new baby due early next year (2010). As with my other two children (9 & 4) it was completely unexpected. I am over the moon, but also with my other two I have had the most chronic 24hr morning sickness imaginable, it has been hideous; hence I have not been online much at all.

My two kids are funny though. My little girl (4) is happy about having a little brother or sister however lost interest within 5 minutes and my son (9) doesn’t really want another bother or sister as he knows this will impact on the amount of attention he gets from his mum and dad (and the rest of the family).

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