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I've been writing for many years. In my early teens I starting expressing myself in poetry as a way of relieving stress and soon became quite fond of it (the writing not the stress). This ebook goes back to that time and works its way to the present. A lot of my poetry was inspired by feelings of hurt, but most of it is positive and cheerful. I experiment with word play, and if I can include irony in a story then I don't hold back. I hope you enjoy my writings and I can assure you there's more to come.

Magical Thinking

A collection of poems influenced by magic realism and surrealism. The content spans inner drives, war, terrorism, aging, and political and social commentary. Centred on impressions, intuitions and the rich texture of ideas and feelings that lie beneath our rational, everyday self, this volume provides a singular perspective on the way we magically create the world around us according to ours fears, dreams, hopes and nightmares.

From the dizzying heights of a soaring imagination come 50-plus poems--some old school, some new school, some so far "out there" that you've never seen anything like them and probably never will again. In medicine, a "flight of ideas" signifies a rush of free-flowing thoughts and speech. It's the perfect title for this dazzling book from award-winning poet and storyteller Robert T. Jeschonek. Registered & Protected

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