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"Easy listening original sounds and lyrics direct from the UK"

About: Under A Banner are an intensely powerful alternative/acoustic rock band with an impassioned core of two musicians, Adam Broadhurst -vocals, all guitars, keyboards, harmonica and lyrics and Jonathan Millington - drums, percussion, cajon. Under A Banner was formed in reaction to a shared loathing of the widespread saturation of the modern music market, with its soulless, faceless and mechanized output and the insipid, viral celebrity culture it is regrettably twinned with.

The band's songs are crafted with power and passion at their roots, given shape by quirky, scattershot drum/cajon rhythms, unusual chord progressions, and dextrously played acoustic and classical guitars.

Under A Banner's performances are naturally charged with an energy that the band want their audiences to share. It is this energy,coupled with a searing, melodic vocaland poetically adept lyricism, that make this band a potential lifelong obsession.

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