Amelia's Song by Kneel Downe

Amelia's Song
By Kneel Downe
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“When Amelia was a little boy she fell through the hole in the worlds….she returned transformed…”  

From the critically acclaimed author of VirulentBlurb:Fractures comes this mythical tale, a virulent fable, a twist in the VirulentBlurb universe.  

With illustrations by renowned artist Susan Omand, Kneel Downe returns to his universe and tells the story of Amelia, a character that appears in every strand of the VirulentBlurb, an echo tying the whole collection of strings together.  

Set in a world of Chaos Lords and Chrome Dragons, Amelia’s Song sees her journey through this vast land, meeting old friends and encountering new ones in her quest to stop the Knights of Hell.

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