March in May #marchaustralia

March in May, support Sydney, Perth and Adelaide on the 18th of May 2014; March in March organisers have been discussing our next March and the direction of MiM. All the organisers from around the country have voted, and we have decided that there will be three marches in May - Sydney, Perth and Adelaide - and that there will be mass marches all around the country on the weekend of 30th and 31st of August.

Those cities which are marching in May felt that the time was right for them and that it was important to go early. This will keep us in the public eye too. The August marches will be happening for the following reasons:

  • The effects of the new budget will well and truly be in effect.
  • Many organisers have busy lives and are volunteering while having many other commitments, so for them, it is better to have a big break.
  • The anti-protest laws come into effect in Victoria in September. These national marches will draw attention to that.
  • All page admins will have the chance over the next few months to build momentum. There are many ideas for small, issues based campaigns which each city or region can join, depending on suitability for their community.
We will all be cheering the three May marches along. Some people might even like to travel from other areas to join in. We haven't finished yet - not by a long shot! Please go to March Adelaide, Sydney, Perth for your updates thanks-Stacie.

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